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New data sheds light into trends and spending within the digital sector

Moz recently released data that was gathered by industry peers within the internet marketing and optimization category. Some of the more interesting insights is how brands are dealing with the “not provided” issue in measuring organic penetration as well as which tools are most valuable to search marketing professionals in dealing with day to day challenges.


Mobile driving half of Facebook’s overall revenue

Facebook’s shift to mobile is paying off. The social giant reports that mobile is driving greater than 50% of its overall revenue base. This story shows how Facebook re-engineered their ad serving model to better capitalize on the shifting trends to mobile devices.


State of Online Retail – Data speaks loudly

Shop.org releases highlights from its annual study, a must read for any eCommerce brand professional. The highlight could be the immense growth in sales from smartphones as brands are seeing 135% incremental sales in this channel year over year.


Google drops the hammer on French link network

Another link network bites the dust and penalizes its participants. Google has shown the propensity to go after these networks hard and stop at nothing to eliminate the garbage content and links that these sites construct.


Maximize mobile SEO with Google’s new user agent

Google is retiring the “Googlebot-mobile” crawler and moving in a new direction. Ensure that your business maximizes this change by reading the scope of the changes below. The article is best suited for a technology resource, who has control over robot directives that restrict crawling and provide guidance to web crawlers.


Cutting Edge Methods to Grow Email Sales Faster in 2022

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