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Craig Smith  |  Founder & CEO

Tactics to improve email open rates

Email marketing when effectively executed can still drive returns that exceed all other marketing channels. The first challenge is getting consumers to open them and this is addressed in a brief by Practical eCommerce.


Enhancements to remarketing features and functions within Google Analytics

Google Analytics is enhancing the structure for how remarketing interacts with their system. A new UI as well as export capabilities make using the integrated marketing functionality that much more enticing.


The rise of the semantic search listings. Understand the new landscape.

Rich snippets and semantic markup are changing the face of the SERP’s. Get intelligence into how you can prepare for these pending changes and maximize your organic opportunities.


Amazon shares pummeled after earnings miss

Even with holiday dominance, Amazon spending leads to lower profits and the street sells off the retail giant.


Amazon prime may soon get serious price hike

The main catalyst behind recent Amazon growth is getting a major price hike. How will this affect usage, renewals, and overall customer satisfaction?


Cutting Edge Methods to Grow Email Sales Faster in 2022

Drive campaign results and automation excellence while taking your email to the next level with our 2022 Email Playbook (PDF).

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