Dissecting Your Product Page

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Craig Smith  |  Founder & CEO

Start with Your Product Page.

Time after time we see retailers make simple errors within product pages that can be fixed relatively easily in an effort to drive more cart additions and incremental revenue.

With some analysis and a proactive mindset to monitoring your metrics frequently, you can set a cause in motion to impact this crucial aspect.

Where’s the first place to start? You guessed right, your metrics. In your analytics system, take a look at the overall percentage of product page views and the percentage of these views that progress to cart additions.

Its probably best if you segment this by unique visitors, but even analyzing the total traffic data should provide insights into your performance.

Capture this metric in a spreadsheet as its going to be one of the datapoints we are going to use to gauge success.
The other metric you want to look at is the bounce rate of your product pages. This metric will provide details on how your product page layer is doing as landing pages.

You may want to eliminate any branded traffic using “exclude functions” within your content reports with your company name etc, this way you can truly gauge how your product pages are answering visitor questions in the initial 1-5 seconds of a visit.
After you have these metrics captured its time to start thinking of an optimization roadmap. Assess the following within your product page template:

  • Product Images: Are they large enough? Do you have zoom or pan functionality in “high touch” product categories?
  • Shipping Details: Are you telling the customer when the item leaves the warehouse and what the cost?
  • Pricing: Is your pricing easily digested? Do you reflect discounts effectively with “was is” pricing?
  • Cart call to action: Is it big and bold? What text and color is being used?
  • Content delivery: How are you relaying specifics about the product? Tab based? Paragraph sequence?
  • Direct assistance: How easy can help be found from the product page?
  • Reviews: Do you have reviews for the majority or minority of products on your site?

Review these areas then start conceptualizing your design and improvement plans. The next step is to deploy multivariate testing and start getting some actionable data.

Your product pages are too important to just sit and collect dust. Be proactive towards improvement and efficiency within this paramount part of your eCommerce domain.

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