Facebook Dominates Referral Traffic

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Craig Smith  |  Founder & CEO

While it wasn’t the first social network, Facebook has certainly been the most influential. Thanks to a report from Shareaholic, that statement is now supported by data. When comparing the major social media outlets – Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and several other smaller ones – Facebook has blown away the competition. Shareaholic did its research by analyzing the traffic generated from 300,000 websites in their Network. What they noticed was that not only was Facebook the only medium in the top 8 to increase its share in Q2 over Q1, it had a 150% increase over the past year; only Pinterest and StumbleUpon also showed growth.

It is clear that Facebook should demand the most attention from marketers who seek out referrals to their websites. By holding 23.39% of the total Shareaholic network with no indication of a decline, Facebook is the clear way to foster relationships with users and potential customers. Likewise, because the landscapes of the news feeds are ever changing, capturing the attention of a user isn’t difficult. It’s important to note that American’s spend around 40 minutes per day on the social media giant. With a focused strategy and an eye-catching post, any company should be able to grab a piece of the stranglehold Facebook has on referrals.

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