Google Unleashes Dynamic Sitelinks on Your AdWords Campaigns

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Craig Smith  |  Founder & CEO

While it isn’t breaking news, Google’s sitelinks underneath its paid and organic results have a slew of advantages. The biggest advantage has been definite increases in CTR, which most likely improves your quality score. Additionally, the extra URLs can be used to promote deeper conversion paths past your main landing page.

As Google likes to do, it has now made the addition even better by adding dynamic sitelinks to PPC results.

How Dynamic Sitelinks Will Make Your Ads More Effective
There is no denying it-you’re already a master of crafting compelling copy that makes users want need to click on your ad, but now you’ll have some extra help. Let’s say a user is in the market for a new car in New York. When Google reviews the users search history and actions to determine a particular page on your site to be highly relevant to the users intents, it will automatically create the dynamic sitelink in your ad.

What You Need to Know

  • Available in desktop, tablet and mobile SERPs
  • Most ads have opportunity to add feature, as long as the campaigns are set to “Search Network with Display Select” or “Search Network only” types
  • These new dynamic sitelinks are free and won’t cost you a dime (for now)
  • Advertisers do not have control over what the sitelink says
  • Dynamic sitelinks will not be displayed at the same time as any preexisting sitelinks you’ve set up

At this time, limited reporting is available to track the success of the new dynamic sitelinks. With that being said, Google has stated advertisers shouldn’t solely rely on the feature and should continue to manually set sitelinks. And as always, if you’re uneasy about the addition, you can opt-out of dynamic sitelinks being added to your campaigns.

Source: Google

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