Why Content is Critical to SEO (And Vice Versa!)

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Hey there, thanks for attending our event hosted by the Content Strategy Philly Meetup group!

While we’re bummed we couldn’t host you all at our office in Old City, going virtual meant over 100 of you registered and called in from all over the world—from Canada to Germany, to our hometown of Philly.

Click here to access a copy of our presentation: Why Content is Critical to SEO (And Vice Versa!)

You can also watch the recording below!

As a thank you, we’re also providing access to our Keyword Research Template. To use it, open the link to the Google Sheet, and under File, select Make a Copy.

If you have any questions for Matt, Jay or Jess, you can reach one or all of us via email:

mvernot [at] trinity.one
jmattison [at] trinity.one
jlister [at] trinity.one

Thanks for hanging out with us!

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