Podcast Feature: How to Use Content and Empathy to Grow In A Time of Crisis

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Back in April—when Corona was still novel and businesses were still getting used to working from home—our new friends at DataCue invited us to speak on their podcast. The full, finished episode finally aired last week, and it sure doesn’t disappoint!

About the episode:

Episode 26 of The Winning E-Commerce Experience Show is titled “How to Use Content and Empathy to Grow In A Time of Crisis”, and features Jessica Lister, our Director of SEO. 

In their hour-plus long chat, Jessica and Shahram discuss how brands can start communicating with customers with empathy and transparency. Jess focuses on innovative ideas that some leading ecommerce brands have done to keep customers engaged in this time of crisis. 

This episode delves into:

– How to use empathy in your marketing and communications

– How to up your content marketing game on a tight budget

– Different innovative ways to reinvent your brand and products during a pandemic

Watch the full interview below!

A few notes about DataCue:

Started by Ann and Shahram Anver, this easy-to-use personalization app is designed for E-Commerce sites, made to tailor recommended products and homepage experiences based on user behavior and interests. 

As fans and practitioners of Website personalization ourselves, we’re excited by how simple the app makes it to A/B test and implement with certain platforms, like Shopify (partners of ours), Magento, and WooCommerce.

We got to see it in action, and if you’re a marketer or website owner, we have to recommend that you check it out!