Comparing GA to the paid analytics solutions

Many of Trinity’s clients are new to the notion of tracking web analytics and are unfamiliar with how analytics can help the overall growth of their business. In working with clients, many times we are in the position of recommending and implementing a web analytics solution that is going to meet their needs. We always come to the question – Go with Google, or go with a paid solution…

When making the decision of which way to go, the first step is to understand the level of analysis needed. If the business just wants top line reporting on marketing campaigns and content effectiveness as it relates to the conversion funnel, then Google Analytics will be more than adequate. Google Analytics (previously known as Urchin for those new to the analytic world) provides a on-demand tool to track and monitor your key metrics. It is a great solution for mid-size companies and businesses who are new to analytics.

If your business is more proactive in leveraging analytics internally within your organization – Omniture may be the best bet for you. Due to its flexibility in constructing custom path analysis reports – Omniture provides a level of speed & insight that is un-paralleled in the analytic marketplace. Look for Google to try and become the market leader in this space by incorporating these type of dynamic capabilites, but until then, Omniture is still the king of the web analytics market.

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A Note from Trinity on COVID-19

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