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BigCommerce Support Services

Integrity at a time it matters most. Free, immediate consultations available to help brands more urgently respond to the current crisis.

What BigCommerce Offers

The cloud hosted solution promises world-class uptime, exceptional security, and access to 24/7 technical support.  

Built for versatility, BigCommerce allows for completely customizable themes from Homepage through checkout using the Stencil CLI tool.

Customize your experience even further by integrating any of the 100+ apps available. 

Using the best-in-class cloud platforms, stores respond quickly, keeping your customers engaged. 


BigCommerce is the ideal market solution for B2B companies. 

Offering the following features:

  • Bulk Pricing
  • Customer segments for personalized pricing & promotions

Who should use BigCommerce?

Navigating the benefits of each platform can feel intimidating. Here are just a few things that set BigCommerce apart from the others.

Larger Product Inventory

For those that require a larger product inventory, BigCommerce allows for a larger catalog with expansive variants.

Account Level Variations

BigCommerce offers the ability to provide unique product catalogs and pricing to various account levels.

Ready for B2B

BigCommerce offers out of the box B2B functionality that allows businesses to expand.

Theme Design & Build

Whether you’re starting from scratch or simply enhancing your existing BigCommerce theme, we’ll help make your vision a reality. Working alongside our team of BigCommerce designers and developers, you can expect to find a collaborative process that leads to a final product aligned with your specific business goals.

Builds of all sizes
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Store Migration

Maybe you already have a site design that’s working for you, but your current platform is holding you back. Moving to a new platform can seem intimidating, but we’re here to guide you through the process, taking on all the heavy lifting. Our team will coordinate the migration of your current store design and, existing customer and product data over to the BigCommerce platform.

Starting at $22,500 for up to 10,000 standard products.


Every ship needs a crew. Your website is no different.

Get the design and development support you need.

We offer ongoing support packages to help keep your website afloat.

A package for those who need a helping hand every now & again.
20 – 30

Monthly Hours

A package for those who have an unending to-do list.
40 - 70
Monthly Hours
A package for those who need top to bottom assistance.
Monthly Hours

Plans starting at $3,000 / month.

Not in your target budget? As a small business, we’re happy to work with you in a customizable package to meet your specific BigCommerce support needs.

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Complimentary Site Performance Assessment

Meet with one of our experts to discuss how to build a personalized plan for your site​

a 3-5 business day turnaround
Case Study:
Di Bruno Bros.

Multiship integration and framework update leads to a 44% revenue increase.