Is Your Site Optimized For Mobile Conversion?

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Craig Smith  |  Founder & CEO

It’s not a secret that the browsing habits of online shoppers are changing. In fact, in a study examining multi-screen behavior, Google discovered that a smartphone is not the post common starting point for most eCommerce activity. 65% of users said that they started shopping for products from their phone. Is your site ready to take advantage of this?

Build Your Website With Mobile In Mind

The first step in a successful mobile strategy is to make sure your site looks good on smartphones and tablet devices. Whether you choose the build once simplicity of responsive design or create a separate experience for customers on the go, designing around mobile should be a priority for any effective digital strategy.

According to one study, 96% of respondents encountered websites on their phones that were not designed for mobile in mind. Load time, touch interaction, and even advertising choices can have a dramatic impact on a customers mobile experience. Before pushing any update live, be sure to test the presentation on your iPhone or Android device, and adjust accordingly.

Make It Easy For Them To Call You

According to a survey of nearly 3,000 mobile users, more than half of them said that they’d consider buying from another company if they couldn’t find a way to call the business directly from the search results. Despite our increasingly digital and connected culture, nearly 70% of those surveyed said that they called a company from the search results.

In fact, you should build your landing pages to encourage customers to call. Large blocks of descriptive text might look great on your computer, or to help with SEO, but they’ll likely be skipped over if someone is trying to read them on the go. Instead, fill their phone’s screen with attractive images, a bold call to action, and a way to call that’s just a click away.

Giving shoppers a quick way to have their questions answered keeps them on your site, which can lead to more conversions and higher customer satisfaction. This simple step can dramatically improve your bottom line.

Track Your Conversions

Unless you implement a way to track call conversions, it will be difficult to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns and customers are rarely willing to stick around after your service representatives have answered their questions to take any surveys, as valuable as that data might be.

Thankfully, there are several plugins available for most web platforms that allow you to track incoming calls through your Analytics dashboard. This way, you can find which campaigns were effective, and if any still require further tweaking.

Mobile eCommerce is a new but growing field, and companies that adapt their strategy to prioritize it will see a healthy return on investment through conversions and telesales.

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