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Craig Smith  |  Founder & CEO

Later in January, Trinity will be attending the Internet Retailer web design conference that is taking place in Miami. The focus of the show is to present varied opinions and examples to how a user interface can be presented within an online retail environment.

As part of the show, I am providing free consultations for paid attendees of their online store. As part of this process, I always look at the layout of product detail pages, and I am never suprised at the low hanging fruit that many online retailers have as it relates to this portion of their user experience.

Here are some quick tidbits of what you can identify as problems in your product pages, as well as some potential solutions.

Problem #1. Price below the fold

A biggie! Users come into your store primarily from long tail searches, especially if you have an extensive number of pages within search engine indexes. In these cases, most long tail traffic first lands on a product detail page.

Because of the limited attention span of a web “browser”, who is looking for price details primarily, by not showing the price immediately you are potentially losing visitors who bail immediately.

Solution: Bring the price above the fold and next to the product description. Make sure that the user sees the picture, short description, price, and add to cart button…all above the fold.

Problem #2. Location of cross sell items

Some online retailers see as high as 15% of total revenues from cross sell additions, some as low as 1%. The difference? It comes down to relevancy and location. If you are an established online store, consider implementing a dynamic solution that provides cross-sells based on clickstream and product data.

Solution: Be sure to test the presentation of the cross sells at varied locations within the product page, to gauge the difference in add to carts, total $ value per visitor, and total cross sell additions. You can always use multivariate testing tools to help in running your tests.

Problem #3. No reviews

Users crave real people perspectives. With new free solutions on the markeplace such as Power Reviews, there is no reason why any eCommerce store should not have the ability to capture, moderate, and present reviews. It may be a little work added to the management of your store content, but ultimately it will benefit your business in terms of engagement and conversion…assuming of course that you will get glowing reviews of good service!

Solution: Check out power reviews to see their latest offering and services models. Integrating reviews will be a great decision, trust me on that.

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