The boardroom question: apps versus mobile browsers


With the emergence of smartphone and tablet devices, an exponentially high rate of Internet users are looking towards mobile as their information gathering platform. The highest rate of growth among these platforms is through the use of apps.

Per eMarketer mobile increased to 60% of all digital media while apps as a percentage of total mobile increased to 51%, up nearly 25% over 2013 data.

The interesting fact is that the number of apps used over those years has not increased, indicating that users are spending more time on the programs they already have.

A large number of companies are still not optimizing for a user’s mobile experience. If the numbers show us anything, it is that more individuals are dropping their computer for a smart device due to accessibility and ease of use. Because most mobile users are using applications over browsers, a company must move forward with this trend and create a visually appealing and functional application that will entice individuals to invest time in their business.