Case Study: SMS Series Automation

Trinity Created an SMS Automation that Generated Large Gains for Elk Springs Resort

Case Study: SMS Welcome Series Automation

Elk Springs Resort

Industry: Tourism

Location: Gatlinburg, TN

Size: 121 cabin rental sites on 68 acres in the Smoky Mountains

Trinity Created an SMS Automation that Generated Large Gains for Elk Springs Resort



SMS Welcome Series Addition

In an effort to drive revenue and stay top of mind, Trinity suggested that Elk Springs add SMS to their email program. Along with helping establish brand loyalty, the welcome series automation would also give subscribers the choice of communication preference (email, text, or both) during sign up and provide Elk Springs with an additional way to reach these customers in the future. 

Trinity updated the current forms to include SMS opt-in, created SMS specific forms to capture numbers from current email subscribers, and set up a Welcome Series Automation to capture potential and repeat customer mobile device numbers.


$ 90 K
revenue increase
$ 30 :1
For every $1 spent in SMS, ESR has over $46 in return on advertising
subscribers collected

Trinity Email Platform Support

Klaviyo Master Gold Badge

Klaviyo is a cloud-based eCommerce marketing automation platform for personalized 1:1 email that drives results.

[Trinity has] allowed us to take the details – the little things that are niche to our market and to our customer base and keep us a step ahead. To be able to work with them at that level with that much intricacy and that much support has had a huge impact on the success of our company.

Mike Dukart  |  Illusion Systems

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