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A Note from Nate, our COO

March 26, 2020

To our valued customers, partners and industry professionals,

First, we want to wish all our customers, partners, and their families good health and well-being as we face both health and economic challenges together.

Recently many organizations have turned to us to consolidate their vendor relationships and to lean on a partner with more versatility and flexibility to support their many needs: resources like time, budget, and human capital, but also who can offer confidence, assurance, and forward-thinking. With businesses facing tough decisions with their staff and partners, never in our history have these needs been more paramount—or universally shared.

While there aren’t many assurances in these uncertain times, Trinity assures that our operations and ability to deliver analytical, creative, and development support have not been impaired in any way. Since its inception, our agency has been designed to work with our customers remotely. But like most companies, we’re feeling the weight of these new challenges and are making adjustments as necessary to be the most effective partner to your organization.

Here’s How:

  1.  Prior to local mandates, we made the decision for our staff to move to 100% remote work and temporarily closed our offices in Minnesota, South Carolina and Philadelphia back on March 10th. While we are used to working with our partners remotely, working together ourselves remotely is newer territory. We wanted to ensure the safety and health of our staff while giving them time to prepare at home for an extended period of time working remotely. They have handled the transition phenomenally well. We hope your teams are finding the same success.

  2. We have heard the request for thought leadership during this crisis in how to adjust your strategy and maximize your investments in SEO, CRO and Email programs. In response, we have released best practice guides for you to implement into your immediate plans for SEO and Email, and will be releasing one for UX/CRO shortly.

    We recognize that our experience, expertise, and leadership in these fields is needed now more than ever.

  3. Additionally, we’ve made all our staff available for general consulting and inquiry calls in order to better coach our customers through new hurdles and shifting priorities across Email, Search Engine Optimize, User Experience, and Conversion Optimization campaigns.

    We have a unique position in working with a myriad of different industries and brands that can seed fresh ideas for your organization. Our team can offer a perspective not found inside your office walls, and we want to provide that as a resource to you during this time.

  4. Lastly, we have waived our contract length terms across all our services, as well as lowered our monthly minimums to 10 hours. This decision was made to better provide the flexibility you need to successfully adjust to a new normal. 

    This applies to our UX, Email and SEO services as well as the strategic analysis, creative, and engineering disciplines that support them.

    Our hope is that in one, comprehensive partnership, you can get the support you need across your entire website and email footprint. This change will challenge us to make our hours available first come, first serve, but we are working diligently on the backend to ensure excellent work while keeping up with demand.

We are exceptionally thankful to all the organizations that have put their trust in us over the last 14 years, and over the last few weeks. We hope these changes to our services and contracts lead to effective and exciting new strategies, well-executed brand messaging, and necessary website changes, in order to build more meaningful connections amongst your customers, company, and digital community during this crisis and beyond.

Nate Ende

During this time of uncertainty, our team has put together some resources to mitigate negative impacts to your website.

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