Case Study: is a retailer that has been in the skiing industry since 1990. The company owns and operates a number of retail stores and has been using the Internet as an extension of their retail shops since 1997, that’s an amazing 15 years of experience on the Internet! They hope that you will find anything and everything you need for skiing when you visit their website.


To increase checkout completion rate by removing any unnecessary distractions and by building consumer confidence through increased visibility of customer service contact information and trust messaging.


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How we accomplished this​

Trinity Insight implemented an A/B test with the testing platform VWO (Visual Website Optimizer) to determine which presentation of the checkout funnel would produce a higher completion rate with a 95% or higher statistical significance.

Simplicity and Security

The key to finding valuable testing opportunities is to let the website data guide you. By comparing the average checkout completion rate against the industry average, we believed we may have an actionable test. Once the data led us to the checkout funnel, our user experience designers took over from there.

When evaluating the presentation of the checkout page we look for simplicity, security and clear action. Distractions, fear, uncertainty and doubt can cause any potential customer to jump ship before confidently clicking the place order button. With this particular test for, we found an improvement by removing unnecessary distractions like the main and sub navigation menus. We also increased consumer confidence by adding a security message and enlarging the customer service phone number and live chat.



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