Case Study

Scratches Happen + Trinity
A/B/n Testing New Cart Page Design

// 01 About

Scratches Happen
Industry: Automotive Touch Up Paint Kits

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

About Scratches Happen:
Scratches Happen provides custom touch up paint kits for automotive and motorcycle scratches.

// 02 Project

Increase Progressions to Checkout

The Scratches Happen cart page lacked a clear hierarchy of importance and content to increase user confidence in the purchase. Trinity’s conducted an A/B/n test on the cart page, with a goal of increasing user confidence and, thereby, increasing progression to checkout. 

// 03 Approach

New Content Elements & Value Propositions

To help better present information a user might need to complete a purchase, Trinity reorganized primary cart content into separate product and pricing summary columns, bringing call to action elements up the page. We also incorporated three high level value propositions to validate the user’s decision to purchase.
Value Prop Addition Section

// 04 Results

Lift in Progression

7 %
lift in progression rate to Checkout

The Scratches Happen cart page is now more intuitively presented to users considering a purchase. Not only is the page now designed with best design practices implemented, it also better displays value propositions, which increases customer confidence in making a purchase.

// 05 Platform Support


The VWO Experience Optimization Platform improves key business metrics by empowering you to easily discover insights, test ideas, and improve engagement – across the entire customer journey.
Trinity has done a great job understanding our business, customer and our website opportunities. We find ourselves well aligned with them on priorities: what to work on, designs, and strategy. Their team brings a deep knowledge (from multiple industries) of best practice UX design to our project. Also, they work fast to iterate designs, make revisions, code tests, and setup reporting. The quality of the strategy and deliverables is very high. End to end, they have been an outstanding partner — smart, highly flexible, and bringing excellent value to our organization.
Adam Pemberton

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