Case Study: Highlighting Navigation Tools

Emphasizing helpful tools in navigation led to an increase in traffic

Highlighting Navigation Tools

Premium Home Improvement Manufacturer

Industry: Home Improvement Manufacturing

Location: Minnesota

Size: 12,000 employees

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Highlighting Navigation Tools

The navigation flyouts for Windows and Doors had too many links, causing anxiety and confusion.  In addition, Trinity noticed limited traffic to the useful site tools that help users find the correct product(s).  This issue was verified by on-site survey results.

By reducing the number of links in the windows and doors flyouts and adding emphasis to the useful site tools, Trinity would eliminate redundancies in the navigation and drive more traffic to the specialty tools recently developed for users to take advantage of. 

Website Control

Website Variation


5 %
increase in phone calls

Final results showed the variation providing a statistically significant increase in users interacting with the helpful tools within the global navigation. This specifically addresses the feedback from the on-site surveys and users’ concerns about finding the right products and information, and also led to an increase in the completion rate of the Perfect Match tool.

What Our Partners Are Saying

“Since our full web launch two weeks ago, we have far exceeded our revenue and traffic goals without any major defects, outages, or issues with site performance. The launch has drawn coverage from over 40 media stories, including several national publications. None of this would have been possible without the thorough development and testing of the website by Trinity and their unfailing commitment to our vision and requirements.”

Matt Owens  |  Strategic Initiatives Manager  
Unclaimed Baggage 

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