Case Study: Multivariate Testing

Incorporation of value props and testimonials leads to conversion rate lift

Case Study: Multivariate Testing

About Trinity Partner

Industry: Shower Products

Location: Florida

Overview: Trinity incorporated value props and testimonials on a client’s homepage, which led to a conversion rate lift.

(*Company name has been omitted to honor our partner’s privacy.)

Approach & Solution

Telling the Story

While our client’s homepage did a good job of showing their merchandise, it had little to nothing in the way of telling their story, building their brand, and generating value. To better represent these things, Trinity ran an A/B test incorporating three central value propositions, and a set of testimonials to the homepage. Both already existed on the site, but needed to be highlighted in a prominent location. In this test, they were presented just below the hero image, meaning users would have to scroll through them on their way to the full merchandise listing.




20 %
Lift in Conversion Rate

Analysis & Summary

A Better Brand Experience

The new homepage presentation now begins building the brand and value that our client represents from the very beginning of the website funnel.

 Based on the increased Conversion Rate, we can surmise that the value built on the homepage does carry forward in customers’ minds throughout the shopping experience.



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"Trinity came to us with an idea to lift conversions on our Product Listing Page. We thought we'd see an improvement with this font and color change; the actual lift far exceeded our expectations. We saw a 50% increase in Conversion Rate for shoppers who interacted with these pages!"
Bill O'Shea
Senior eCommerce Manager

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