How Trinity Used a Replatform to Enhance a Site And Increase Transactions by 31%

How Trinity Used a Replatform to Enhance a Site And Increase Transactions by 31%

TIE Industrial (

Industry: Industrial
Location: LaVergne, TN


Staying Competitive through Efficient Site Improvements

The (TIE Industrial) site was difficult to update and required too much attention from their internal IT team, and required more time than they were able to give it. TIE was looking for a new site on a platform that would continue to push them forward as new standards came out, with the ability to leverage another team to help create and maintain the overall user experience of the site. They also hoped to improve the overall site, with new features like purchasing repair for parts that could be shipped to TIE.

Trinity’s approach to the issues presented was to take the Fanucworld current site functionality and build it upon a new theme in BigCommerce. This new site would allow our team to help them maintain and push the site forward, as well as create new functionality that would raise the bar for their site.

Control Website
Variation Website

Project Highlights


Since replatforming, minor website changes are now able to be made within a week or two, and major website changes can be queued and worked on in a faster timeline than before. is now more performant, a better user experience, and offers B2B customers new features that drive enhance the TIE Industrial brand and drives revenue.

1 %
increase in sessions
5 %
increase in new sessions
10 %
increase in new users
26 %
increase in transactions

Partner: BigCommerce

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About TIE Industrial

As a leading provider of parts and repairs for CNC industrial automation systems for the major brands, TIE Industrial’s goal is to deliver machine uptime for clients and provide a 1-stop shop for all of their industrial automation needs.

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