Case Study: Footwear Retailer

41% lift in Return on Ad Spend


Ineffective ad spend and lack of ongoing management was contributing to an unsustainable % of ad sale KPI.


Lower the % of Ad Sale to within the client’s parameters and grow the marketing footprint against that percentage.


0 %
increase in ad impressions
0 %
decrease in CPC
0 %
lift in ROAS

How we accomplished this

We reconstructed the account with higher converting tactics and closer to funnel audiences. To obtain this, we cut back on low performing broad match keywords within text ads while building a strong dynamic remarketing campaign and filtered shopping campaigns shifting focus to product level search.

One of the key factors to finding opportunities for improvement or enhancement is to take the time to analyze the metrics. By taking a deep dive into search queries, impression share, & keyword/product level conversion rates, you can gather insights into what is really contributing and what is being supported by the success the Campaign is having as a whole. By looking at the keyword report we evaluated all the keywords and ads that were not meeting the KPI (% of Ad Sale) and took appropriate steps to mitigate poor performance. We then began to expand on the Campaigns that had been meeting the KPI by creating multiple ad groups containing ads (minimum of two) and high propensity keywords. Continued growth using the KPI as our guide ensures that we are being sensible and economical with our efforts.

Revenue vs. Spend

Impressions vs. ROAS%