CRO Pro-Tip: Fonts Drive Conversion

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Craig Smith  |  Founder & CEO

It’s a mental thing. An all-around integral element to a website’s design, your site’s font is a perceptive device that will either draw the consumer in or isolate him/her from the moment they hit the landing page. But it’s also a bit deeper than that. Aside from the initial draw, typography — whether you choose a Serif or Sans Serif font– also dictates your brand’s perceived authority and tone.

For example, Times New Roman emphasizes ‘tradition’ and Helvetica Bold portrays ‘stability’. The list goes on, and there is much psychological research behind the brain’s interaction with font and humans’ reaction to a particular typeface. This infographic below outlines the ways in which we perceive certain fonts. Depending on the message a brand wants to portray, this guide sheds some light on our habits.

Now, what are the best ways to use Serif and Sans Serif fonts?

According to a recent eye-tracking study by IBM and Google, Serif fonts ensure a greater level of reader comprehension, which makes it ideal for long-form body copy and lists of benefits/features. On the other hand, Serif fonts are not ideal for headlines. For these, modern and/or Sans Serif typography will be the most effective.

In a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) test by for Numara Software, researchers found beneficial, lucrative results by simply changing the font and increasing line space. For instance, bounce rate reduced 10%; exit rate decreased 19%; pages per visit shot up 24%; and form conversion rate increased by 133%.

In a nutshell, it seems that simple aesthetic changes can afford great results. But it’s never that simple. For a full rundown on the impact of typography on CRO, check out this interesting article from Marketing Land.

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