The Benefits of Google Analytics Demos & Tools

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Craig Smith  |  Founder & CEO

What is Google Analytics Demos & Tools?

By popular request, Google Analytics recently launched a website that provides users with concrete examples and demos that go beyond the basics of GA. The new site, Google Analytics Demos & Tools, is geared toward helping GA developers manage the challenges they continuously run into the most often. With a focus on explaining and showing the depths of Google Analytics, this Demos & Tools platform will provide the best descriptions and clarifications that show how things should be built. Emphasizing the unique and advantageous capabilities of GA, Google Analytics Demos & Tools demonstrates to users how to best utilize the features to work with developers needs.

While having many objectives in mind for Google Analytics Demos & Tools, the site’s main goal is to first and foremost make experienced developers more productive. As this cohesive site is effective at targeting and solving GA questions, developers will benefit from the informative lessons and interactive examples. As every page that makes use of a Google Analytics technology lists that information in the footer, it makes it easy for developers to see how all of the pieces fit together. They will find the answers they have been looking for to expand upon their use and understanding of Google Analytics. Another goal the site focuses on is showing new users the many possibilities of GA. New users will be able to uncover all of the opportunities and options GA has to offer. All new users will find this platform extremely helpful as it assists in the outcome of their future performance when using the optimal tools. The demonstrations allow for inspiration when it comes to leveraging the platform to improve their business through advanced measurement and analysis.

With so many useful features, Google Analytics Demos & Tools provides a wide range of attributes that users will find valuable. Some of the site’s highlights include an Account Explorer tool to help users quickly find the IDs they need for different GA services and 3rd party integration, a full-featured Enhanced E commerce demo with codes samples for both GA and Google Tag Manager along with multiple examples of easy tutorials on how to build custom dashboards. The site also includes a few old favorites that users enjoy and have continued to benefit from, such as Query Explorer. Google Analytics Demos & Tools not only shows off GA technologies, it uses them under the hood. For example, all pages that require authorization use the Embed API to log users in, and usage statistics, including outbound link clicks, authorization status, client-side exceptions and numerous other user interaction events are measured using analytics.js.

Providing helpful tricks and valuable lessons, Google Analytics Demos & Tools is a helpful platform that both new users and developers will gain from. Giving a breakdown of how to apply techniques and strategies, the site offers guidance and support when learning how to best apply the attributes of Google Analytics. With a structured format on how to get the most out of GA, the Demo & Tools platform outlines the best and easiest ways to take advantage and gain insight from using the tools and implement them to work to your advantage. As the entire Google Analytics Demos & Tools is available on Github, you can check it out for yourself to see how it works and what beneficial information and examples you can acquire.

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