Google Present: Website Call Conversions

Google AdWords has been an amazing resource for those companies that have chosen to take advantage of its offering. Furthermore, based on a report from Google, 70% of all people who have engaged in mobile searches have made a call directly from the results ads.

With this information in hand, the search browser King has rolled out its new feature: website call conversions. To sum it up, a phone call option will now accompany your search results. This forwarding number will be present on both the search page and generated on the merchandiser’s website. When consumers use this number, whether they call it directly, or click on the icon, conversion numbers will be tracked and contributed to the searched term.

What does this mean for marketing directors? With this new addition, businesses will be able to develop new strategies, track ROI and understand which keywords are truly valuable on multiple levels. Moreover, this new feature will be the first step in uniting search results with phone call conversions. Furthermore, with an informed staff, the dollars invested in AdWords can be even more specific and valuable.

Lastly, Google makes setting up this addition very easy. Simply read the directions available here to start optimizing your business.

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