Push Notifications: An Untapped Mobile Resource

There are rules and warnings about over-sharing branded content on your company’s social media accounts. Posting too frequently tends to get on followers’ nerves, and doing so will often drive customers away rather than entice them to engage with your business. However, if that same customer has opted to download your mobile app, the routine sharing of push notifications will actually work in your favor.

Launched together with iOS 3.0 in 2009, “push notifications” are those custom text alerts and badges that pop up and notify the user of new messages or events, even when the application is inactive. According to Urban Airship, push messages can increase both engagement and retention by anywhere from 40 to 116% percent, respectively. Localytics noted that users who enable push notifications have a retention rate that is 3x higher than those who have them disabled.

Presently, there is a large gap of businesses not utilizing this personalized tactic. New research from Econsultancy shows that only 20% of companies utilize mobile push notifications! The fact that push notifications are available for both Apple and Android means this is a major boon for lead generation and heightened engagement across channels.

However, marketers should still be weary of how often they employ this tool to connect with users.

78% of those who have push notifications enabled said they would “immediately delete the app or disable the notification” if they became too spammy.

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