Five Ways to Make eCommerce Customers Feel Safe

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Craig Smith  |  Founder & CEO

As of 2015, more than two-thirds of shoppers said they worry about identity theft when shopping online. With the major data hacks of Equifax and Yahoo, that statistic has surely increased, especially as customers enter the 2017 holiday shopping season.

For brands, now is not the time for customers to feel nervous about buying online. Their eCommerce goals rely on customers converting in November and December. Furthermore, soft sales numbers now could lead to further security worries through the rest of the year.

It’s possible for your brand to break the mold and prove to your customers the security of shopping through your eCommerce store. Follow these five tips to make your customers feel safe.

Add Data Security Copy

Customers often worry about the security of their credit card numbers and risk of identity theft. By adding copy about the security steps your company takes when handling data and credit card information, you can assure buyers that they’re making the right choice in buying from you.

This copy doesn’t have to be invasive. Just a few sentences about your security standards can push customers to add their credit card information and trust your eCommerce page.

Alternatively, adding options like paying through PayPal can help brands that struggle with customer conversion rates. Not only does this make the checkout process easier, it also moves the buying process to a safe and trusted platform.

Include Personal Elements

New customers might not be familiar with your brand or know if you run a legitimate business. One way to add legitimacy is with a personal touch. By making it easy for customers to speak to someone in your organization, you’re creating a space for them to address their concerns and troubleshoot any problems. A few ways to add a human element include:

  • Live chat boxes with customer service support.
  • Customer service numbers with dedicated availability.
  • Rapid response rates on social media and other external channels.

Even knowing that your company has a dedicated customer care team can assure shoppers that your eCommerce page is secure because they will know that you’re quick to address concerns and solve problems.

Display Security Banners

If you have received awards for your business or follow certain security and compliance standards, then display the banners and information proudly for customers to see. Brands that have positive ratings from the Better Business Bureau or met the criteria for Google Trusted Stores can show these banners and boast about their accomplishments.

Companies with reputable business practices are more likely to address website problems and take the necessary steps to protect customer data as best they can.

Streamline Conversion Forms

Reducing the number of fields that customers have to complete can increase conversion rates, but can also increase customer trust in your website. When customers aren’t giving away a lot of personal information, they feel like there’s less risk in the information they do share. This is why some customers avoid telling companies their birthdays or anniversaries. While an eCommerce page might want to use that data to offer perks, customers might see that as an opportunity for hackers.

Consider reducing the number of fields in the checkout process and see if customer confidence and safety increases.

Come Clean About Any Issues

If your eCommerce page is hacked or there’s a data breach in your organization, come clean about it. Clearly explain to your customers what happened, what the ramifications are, and what steps you’re taking to fix the damage. The sooner you get ahead of the story and work to help customers, the sooner you can rebuild your damaged reputation.

Your business might suffer in the short run by this immediate transparency, but your customers will learn to trust you in the long run. They will know that you act swiftly in the face of trouble and alert customers to potential problems.

Even if your company follows strict data protection processes, you could lose business if shoppers are wary of your business. By adding security talking points to your marketing and web design efforts, you can make customers feel safe and earn their trust when they buy from you.

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