10 Ways to Optimize Creativity for Ad Campaign Success

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Craig Smith  |  Founder & CEO

Marketing and advertising professionals face a hefty task today when it comes to reaching their audience – and keeping their attention. Before launching a campaign, cross-device compatibility must be considered because of how many different outlets our generation consumes information on.

More often than not, you will find someone with a laptop open, browsing the web and their mobile in hand, and reading breaking news. With all these distracting mediums, having a user process an ad is an intimidating feat. While we can read into the data and attempt to craft a strategy around these reports on how to create an effective campaign, one cannot forget about creativity.

Ad campaign success comes from creativity, as it is still an essential component in advertising.

With research backed by the Harvard Business Review, studies found creative campaigns are much more impactful than less creative strategies. Before we dive into ideas for optimizing a creatively successful campaign, it is important to note what the five dimensions of creative advertising is. HBR considers the following as a basis – originality, flexibility, elaboration, synthesis, and artistic value.

Originality in an ad consists of an element of surprise that is not considered obvious or commonplace.Flexibility is considered to be a product with a range of different uses or ideas. Elaboration expands on simple ideas and explanations to become more interesting and intricate.

Synthesis is used to connect normally unrelated objects of ideas within an advertisement to create a multi-dimensional story line. And finally, artistic value contains appeals verbal, visual, or sound elements.

At the end of the day, advertising campaigns are all about producing click-through rates and results in conversions. Check out these tips from iMediaConnection on how to optimize creativity in your next campaign:

  1. A little animation goes a long way – Animations can have up to twice the click-through rate of other ads. While it doesn’t have to be a complete video – a short video or GIF does wonders for the user.
  2. Use video advertising when you can – While animation can help, video takes the cake with a greater effect on the user. Compared to animation, video produces up to 30 percent more conversions. In addition, video helps the viewer understand a product or service, resulting in a consumer 27 times more likely to click through the video.
  3. Step up video with an interactive ad – Interactive ads see a 15 to 20 percent increase in conversion rate compared to traditional ads. Engaging the user in content will help stimulate personal interest, strengthening the bond they feel with your brand or product.
  4. Have a call to action – Campaigns perform better all around when there is a clear benefit and action to be taken by the user. This will cut through the noise of competing ads if you clearly state an incentive.
  5. Relate to people – Ads do better when users feel as if it is a personalized experience for them. Make a note to include relevant location or demographic information in your creative campaign.
  6. Customize the ad to the device – Users respond favorably to specific devices used. Keep campaigns separate for different types of devices, like keep an iPhone campaign separate from an HTC campaign. This creates the sense of personalization for the user.
  7. Visually pleasing aesthetics – Keep in mind how your logo looks on the ad. Bright logos on dark backgrounds perform 45 percent better than bright logos on bright backgrounds. Small details like this could make a huge difference in click-through rates.
  8. Simplify as much as possible – Cramming information into a small space is never a good idea. You will lose the attention of a user immediately. Ads with fewer elements outperform overcrowded ones.
  9. Hi-res and hi-def should be a requirement – Make sure all visual aspects of your ad are in high definition and high resolution. The numbers speak for themselves – conversion rates are twice as high for HD compared to SD.
  10. Blend native ads with content – Conversions are up to 40 percent higher for native ads without logos, text, and other pieces of information. Native ads should not be avoided but embraced, they can positive brand responses and high conversions.

In your next strategy, try to keep creativity at the top of list when figuring out a new campaign. It could make all the difference in the results you see.

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