All Time Low: Yahoo Search Share Dips Below 10%

Yahoo-iPhone-5Breaking news: Google dominates the search game. This may not be a shocker for you considering that they’re far more advanced and progressive than today’s other ‘top search engines’, Yahoo and Bing. Because Big Daddy Google operates on an entirely different level than everyone else, Bing and Yahoo must compete for silver — and ultimately bronze. In fact, the two are commonly referred to as a “search alliance,” as they often collaborate with the hopes of jointly dethroning Google.

However, according to early-release notes from an analyst at Search Engine Land, Yahoo isn’t pulling their weight in the joint-battle against Google’s Goliath. As a matter of fact, as desktop search numbers declined for the fifth consecutive month after some 2013 growth, Yahoo’s search share has fallen to an “all-time low” of 9.8%.

In comparison to Google’s 67.6% and Bing’s 19.2% share, it’s quite clear that Yahoo is hanging on by the skin of its teeth.

On the other hand, Yahoo does much better than Bing (5.5% share) when it comes to mobile. With a 9.3% mobile search share, Yahoo is second behind Google’s whopping 85% share. This is an important note because, after all, mobile search accounts for 30% of all internet traffic in the US.

The dip is devastating, but it’s not yet time to throw Yahoo into the desolate ranks of AOL or After all, this dark horse may or may not have a trick or two up its sleeve.

Information gathered and based on this article from Search Engine Land.

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