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Craig Smith  |  Founder & CEO

Within any marketing effort, a certain sub-set of pages will be identified as the “targets” for optimization. These pages are typically the ones with the most content when compared to the rest of the site, are highly focused and keyword rich, and have some sort of stable ranking.

These pages are almost like the “hub” on a bicycle wheel. They are the foundation page that is linked to from other content on a website.

When analyzing your site, it is important to distinguish these key “money” pages and link to them with related content.

Internal linking is extremely powerful and is an under-utilized tactic within interactive marketing and business.

If you have a keyword theme that you want to gain more penetration within, you have two tasks. First, you need to write and then write some more. Quality content will help you more than anything else in receiving editorial votes/links.

Second, build links. Build from relevant sources and make sure you are adding value. Dont just buy any link that will point in your direction. Not only are you taking a risk, but you are not providing any contextual value to search crawlers to help their understanding.

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