iPhone SEO’s Rejoice: Google Releases iOS Analytics App. Android Users Unenthused.

The lives of SEO professionals and website owners with iPhones just got a whole lot better, as Google has finally released the long awaited Analytics app for the iPhone. Though the technology is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, it has been optimized for the iPhone 5 and requires iOS 6.0 or better.

The app does lack some of the customizable options offered in the desktop tool, but it features a clean UI and i s very easy to use. Among other features, users can check Real-Time information, conversions and segment behavior.


While this development is blowing minds across the App Store, Android users have had their own version of the app for years. For the small amount of Windows Phone users (making up just under 3% of all smart phone owners), it seems we’ll be the last ones with an official app.


Get the Google Analytics app for free at the App Store!

Source: Marketing Land

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