Is Google Phasing Video out of Rich Snippets?

Trailing the news that Google will no longer be providing profile images alongside links with authorship markup in the SERPs, it appears that the search engine is also pulling the rug out from under video snippets. Although they have not yet been removed altogether, Mozcast and SEOlytics have recently reported some eyebrow-raising statistics. Mozcast informed of a 28% drop in video thumbnails from July 16th to 17th. In that same period, SEOlytics reported a loss of 87% domains displaying video results in the Google SERPs, and 44% less video snippets.

Of course, it’s no surprise which domain benefits from this algorithm change. According to SEOlytics, Youtube bounced from holding half (46.7%) of the share of the top 10 domains displaying video snippets, to more than three quarters of it (78.4%). Daily Motion and Vimeo also earned a slight advantage, yet the former claims the second highest share at only 8.5%.

via SEOlytics

Marketers realize the benefit in embedding video onto a webpage does more than attribute to an attractive rich snippet – it also increases time spent on the page, which Google considers to be a significant factor in ranking.

So while this update won’t deter content marketers from the inclusion of video, the competition is steeper. It seems likely that this change was brought on as a move to kill two birds with one stone: progress the clean up of the SERPs to make for a smoother mobile experience, while simultaneously driving more traffic and results to another Google-owned company.

Source: Search Engine Watch

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