Google is Losing Mobile Advertising Market Share

As Kevin Klein points out in his article titled New Google Revenue Report: Does Slipping Mobile Outweigh Overall Growth?, Google’s numbers are up and they are continuing to grow.

In the first quarter of 2014, Google reported that their revenue is up 22% year over year. They also stated that clicks on their CPC (Cost per Click) ads are up 25% year over year, which is great for them considering that is where they make their advertising money.

With Google’s growth and currently owning 32% of the online advertising marketing share, what could possibly be threatening them?

The answer is simple: mobile advertising.

Despite the fact that Google does not separate their data to include mobile data publicly, eMarketer has calculated that Google has lost 10% of the mobile advertising market share from what they had last year.

Facebook is also up 16% in the mobile advertising market since last year. Should Google be worried?

With their success in online advertising, and the direction the mobile world is heading, it would seem likely that Google will start to make a push to get back their share of the mobile market. Yes, Facebook has made tremendous strides during the past year to capture some of the market, but Google will find an answer.

Google has dominated the online advertising industry for years now, and there is no reason to think they will not continue their supremacy as they continue to invest more into the mobile market.

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