Email Marketing Holiday Planning & Strategies

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Craig Smith  |  Founder & CEO

The holiday season is fast approaching, and it’s not too early to start optimizing your email program for the holiday season. This year, Trinity rounded up six areas of focus with questions to consider to ensure your customers have the best experience possible with your brand.

Let’s get started.

Email Service Platform & Integrations

Are you optimizing your emailing platforms and integrations for the holiday season?

Firstly, platform integrations for reviews and referral programs create opportunities from increased sales to help gain new customers and subscribers. In doing so, you reward active customers during the holiday season. 

Secondly, suppose you don’t currently have a Klaviyo account. In that case, one of our experts can get you started by setting up your account. This includes moving in customizable content and building personalized email automation that best works for your company’s needs.

Email Template

Are your templates adding awareness to holiday promotions?

Email templates are a great way to bring out the festivities and highlight promotions you are running. Bring the holidays to your emails through a new complex design or just a new color scheme.

List Growth & Management

Are your forms ready for the season?

Creating forms for the holiday seasons is a simple way to promote sign-ups for holiday discounts, promotions, even additional incentives for just signing up.


Updating and creating new automations for this season

Another thing to consider is to re-theme core triggered emails with holiday themes to mirror your promotions, welcome emails, cart abandonment, and browse abandonment. So, before Black Friday, set up automations to your highly engaged segments by mapping out a flow and design that ends the series with Black Friday discounts.


Holiday campaign ideas for the season

It’s important to start the holiday season with building campaigns. In doing so, you keep your consumers on the lookout for your seasonal promotions.

Gift giving is no easy feat for many consumers. Therefore, design and build platforms that can help narrow down options and help your consumer find the perfect gift for this holiday season. 

With 2021 shipping challenges, set up reminder campaigns on the latest ship dates for timely delivery of their presents, or simply their products shipping progress.

So, there you have it! We hope you have a very successful holiday shopping season. For more email marketing strategies like these, make sure to check out our Guide to Email Marketing in 2022!

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