Email Marketing Staying Power


In a new study released by Gigaom, it was found that 86% of marketers still use email marketing regularly.

This same June 2014 Q2 research showed that email marketing helps with customer retention significantly more than any other channel. In fact, 56% of those surveyed said that email marketing has helped them achieve their customer retention goals, while the next closest, social media only received 37%.

Email marketing is also growing. With it being such a successful channel, about 25% of those polls said they plan to increase their marketing budget for the future. Businesses use email marketing tools all the time to keep their customers informed and engaged, compare convertkit to mailchimp and choose the one that suits you needs best.

One reason email marketing is such a highly-effective channel is the growth of mobile. In a study conducted by, 72% of internet users check their email via some sort of mobile device.

So what does this mean for marketers?

Emails have to be optimized for mobile viewing. With such a large percentage of the population regularly checking their email on their devices, we need to make sure they are seeing our messages the way we want them to. Most people are not going to give us more than 2 or 3 seconds of their time if they find the email to be difficult to read or understand.

For the foreseeable future, keep sending mobile-optimized emails to your customer base because they are making marketers money.

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