What makes great web copy?

In my conversations with online retailers, I frequently get asked about web copy and my perspectives into selling site visitors.

I think in most scenarios, the depth of web copy correlates to the “selling variables” of the product. To effectively sell online you must sell to a vistor’s “head” and “heart”. By outlining emotional benefits such as “A picture so clear that you feel in the first row” and intellectual benefits such as “a best in class 19 inch LCD viewing area, wide enough to handle any illustrating application” you cater to both parts of the human decision process and increase your chances of making the sale.

What you must remember though is that eCommerce shoppers dont read for long – they scan. Hit your emotional points first in a paragraph that is no more than 4-5 lines long. Then hit your viewer with the key specifics in bullet form. There’s a reason why leading etailers such as dell and amazon use bullets – follow their lead…