Mobile Apps Get Personal for Zappos Shoppers

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Craig Smith  |  Founder & CEO

You know them, you love them, and now Zappos is giving you even more of a reason to adore them with an enhanced mobile app that focuses on customer service.

The Zappos mobile app gives users a more personalized mobile shopping experience than ever before with features like the Ask Zappos, Handover, and specially curated collections. The goal of these services is to help users find items of interest that they’re more likely to purchase, and will combine great customer service with the ease of mobile.

Zappos also plans to utilize advances in technology like Apple’s iOS 8 for a seamless shopping experience between devices where you can start a search on your iPhone and then continue it on your iPad or Mac.

These better designed mobile apps also help increase mobile growth for the company. Aki Iida, the head of mobile at Zappos, states “We have seen more growth in mobile shopping because the apps are designed in a way that allows customers to find what they are searching for and organize their shopping.” He says, “People are busy so it’s all about simplicity and convenience.”

‘Ask Zappos’ and You Shall Receive

The new Ask Zappos feature helps users find any product anywhere with just a click (or tap) of their camera. If a user is out and about and sees someone wearing a cool new pair of shoes or a nice sweater, the user can take a photo of the desired item and either text, email, or Instagram with the #AskZappos hashtag, or upload it directly to the Ask Zappos site. The Zappos team will then work to find the exact piece, and send users with their results plus some possible recommendations-even if Zappos does not carry the item.

Handover with iOS 8

The other new feature added to the Zappos mobile app, Handover, uses iOS 8 to allow users to seamlessly shop between their Apple devices. A shopper can start a search on their iPhone, and then go onto their Macbook and pick up right where they left off.

The Zappos app also lets users skip the hassle of entering in all of their credit card numbers with a native card reader. The card reader doesn’t store the information on the phone, so users can feel safe knowing if their phone is lost or stolen, their credit card information won’t be compromised.

Curated Collections

Earlier this year, Zappos started Glance curated collections. Zappos stylists compile a collection of the best pieces from the site and create collections based on the latest trends or upcoming events such as the holidays. Consumers can shop these collections using the mobile-friendly web app.

Zappos is hoping that these more customer service driven features will give users a more convenient shopping experience.

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