Videos Play an Important Role in Marketing Strategy

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Craig Smith  |  Founder & CEO

Video: it’s interactive and is absolutely integral to your eCommerce site. According to a recent survey conducted by marketing research firm Demand Metric, and sponsored by video marketing platform VidYard, the respondents seem to agree that video features drive conversion and promote consumer engagement.

Unlike some other types of content, a video’s performance can be measured and analyzed using hard numbers. This is beneficial when dissecting a video’s effectiveness on ROI. For instance, researchers found that respondents based analytics and success on a number of basic, intermediate and advanced measurements. These include views and shares (basic); average view duration (intermediate); embed location, viewer bounce rates, viewing heat maps and attribution to sales (advanced). 48% of respondents said basic monitoring worked most effectively, while 24% vied for intermediate and 14% for advanced.

The most interesting number to come out of the survey though: 69. That is, of all the 235 B2B organizations, B2C brands and outside agencies surveyed, 69% of the respondents said they plan on increasing their marketing video content budget.

To emphasize the potential of video content creation,’s research shows that 95% of those surveyed rated the significance of video content as ‘somewhat more important’ or ‘far more important’ than in the past.

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