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Craig Smith  |  Founder & CEO

70% of Agencies report client budgets to increase for SEO

Interesting data from SEMPO into the state of search and the goals and trends within agencies and their clients.


Maximizing Valentine’s Day Online

Shop.org releases some tidbits into proper preparation for Valentine’s day online sales. If you are in the gifting business, this holiday could very well surprise this year from a top line revenue standpoint.


Google cracking down on rich snippet spam

In another defensive move by Google and their search team, the giant is sending out messaging warning webmasters who are mis-using rich snippets and the Schema.org framework within their websites. If you received this message, its time to clean up your rich snippet deployment.


New speed testing capabilities in the mobile space

WebPageTest now including new technologies to better diagnose speed issues within a mobile environment.


Cutting Edge Methods to Grow Email Sales Faster in 2022

Drive campaign results and automation excellence while taking your email to the next level with our 2022 Email Playbook (PDF).

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