TI Quick Hits: December 4th

Enhancements add to the research value of Google Trends

Google trends provides great data to see fluctuations within a topical category but had certain semantic limitations. New capabilities enhance data and intelligence for related queries.


Google lead engineer gives details into algorithm changes and webmaster reactions

A google engineer provides a public response to ranking changes experienced by a webmaster.


USPS testing same day service for eCommerce deliveries in NYC and San Francisco

With all the buzz about “same day delivery” in eCommerce, the postal service is piloting new programs to assist retailers in getting packages to customers faster.


China and Asian Pacific eCommerce to exceed North America

With a compound growth rate of 16% until 2018, China is expected to dwarf the U.S. in total eCommerce sales


Google’s entry into the cloud

Google is taking on Microsoft and Amazon head on in the race for cloud supremacy and to power the backbone of the web.


Cutting Edge Methods to Grow Email Sales Faster in 2021

Drive campaign results and automation excellence while taking your email to the next level with our 2021 Email Playbook (PDF).