Selling Online? Close the Sale with Digital Coupons

We’ve all heard of RetailMeNot, the digital coupon site that helps the average consumer save on a wide variety of purchases. Well, Forrester Consulting has conducted a survey on RetailMeNot’s behalf in order to find out e-commerce customers’ behavioral buying habits. The survey is titled, The State of Digital Coupons, and the results are definitely interesting.

The biggest takeaway from the survey is that digital coupons have astounding sway when closing the sale. More so than on-site clearance sales and daily deal vouchers, digital coupons take the cake as the biggest influencer on customer purchases.

As e-commerce businesses build a foundation on mobile and tablet platforms, it’s also important to note that 55% of consumers spend more money when smartphone or tablet shopping when given a digital coupon code or other promotion. Within this group, the majority (77%) spent between $10 to $50 more than they had originally anticipated.

The survey also highlights the importance of digital coupons in building customer loyalty and creating an almost-instantaneous buying habit.

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