Mobile Video Viewing Jumps 400 Percent in Two Years

Ooyala-mobile-video-growthIt may seem like those 30 seconds spent watching a hula-dancing puppy on your phone are of little consequence, but they’ve added up to some astounding statistics from Ooyala’s Q2 2014 Global Video Index Report. Mobile video views have increased 400 percent in the last two years and currently account for 25 percent of all video views across platforms, according to the study. This steady rise comes as the result of larger screen dimensions, less laggy content and the ever-updating selection of videos being uploaded around the web every day.

When it comes to what type of mobile device users are tuning into, the preference depends on video length. If it’s smartphone users’ eyes you seek, keep your content’s run time short, as 45 percent of videos watched on phones are under six minutes, reports Ooyala, while longer clips are much more likely to be enjoyed on a tablet.

The report also notes that cold temperatures keep eyes frozen on the screen 29 percent longer than warm temperatures. With autumn’s official start already here and mobile video streaming expected to double by 2016, now looks like the perfect time to curl up and brainstorm some viral (possibly puppy-related?) video ideas.

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