Keep Mobile Shoppers Logged In. Or Else.

The process is called deep linking, and it applies to social apps and to retailers with their very own apps. In short, when a consumer is deep linked into a retailer’s app, he/she will not have to log-in each and every time they use it. That is, each time they’d like to make a potential purchase.

Bill Siwicki, Managing Editor of Mobile Commerce at Internet Retailer, says, “A deep link can send a customer into an app directly to a particular page with which a retailer wants the consumer to interact. Sending a consumer to a social media web site likely will bring up a brick wall: the log-in page.”

Seems like deep linking would be a no-brainer, right? Well, according to the mobile marketing firm Pure Oxygen Labs LLC., 90% of mobile retailers do not deep link their consumers into their own social apps. Whether through email clicks, standard log-in or online ads, these retailers are missing out on a potentially large chunk of revenue. And not only that, they’re interfering with a successful user experience.

The high percentage of retailers who do not deep link their customers is somewhat shocking considering the number of consumers with social apps downloaded on their phones.

  • Facebook: 75%
  • Instagram: 75%
  • Twitter: 70%
  • Pinterest: 66%
  • Google +: 66%

With consumers so clearly ready to interact with a brand on mobile platforms, amping up your mobile experience with deep link capability could keep customers around and make a great difference come holiday shopping time. For a full explanation of deep linking’s importance read this.