DollarDays Rolls Out Accessible & Successful Site Redesign

Though the revamp was long overdue, overstock and closeout wholesale biz DollarDays recently launched a new site design and improved mobile accessibility to incredulous results. After re-evaluating technology and marketing vendors not disclosed, DollarDays executed a site overhaul with emphasis on user experience and customer satisfaction.

Tailoring to the consumers’ wants and needs always tends to pay off. CEO Marc Joseph reported the following enhancements to their site metrics:

  • A 12% increase in average order value
  • An 81% decrease in bounce rate
  • A load time that’s up to 4x faster than on the old site
  • 24% more customer registrations – DollarDays’ registration, while free, is necessary to access product details and pricing online



Joseph noted, “We have truly reinvented online wholesaling. What was once a strictly B2B space, is now wide open for not only businesses, but non-profits and consumers.” This underlying shift in consumer demographics may be partially responsible for the boost in registrations and decrease in bounce rate. That said, it was a clever strategy to launch these changes at the same time.

Joseph stated that DollarDays was vying to reach new audiences, and the excitement of a site overhaul now allows the company to reintroduce their brand to potential customers at a time when performance results and statistics are greater than experienced in years past. If we take anything from this campaign, it’s that allowing consumers open access and easy accessibility is paramount when you have a product or service that people want. Exclusivity is a great marketing tactic for some, but it can also hurt your sales and scope in the long run.

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