While Mobile Traffic Booms, Conversion Doesn’t

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Craig Smith  |  Founder & CEO

Whether we like it or not, our mobile devices keep us connected with our favorite — and not so favorite — brands, companies and organizations all day, every day.

Though mobile commerce is nothing new, more and more corporations are optimizing their sites for enhanced conversion via smartphones and other mobile devices. And it’s paying off, since traffic is skyrocketing.

However, as is covered in Susan Kuchinskas’ Click Z article, “Mobile Retail Traffic Spiking, Sales Not So Much,” the sales results are not always ideal.

Here are some important takeaways from the piece.

1) So far in Q1 of 2014, mobile traffic has risen and accounts for 50% of e-commerce retailers’ overall traffic. Similarly, according to Custora, this year’s mobile revenue is expected to increase from $40 billion to $50 billion.

2) Email marketing, e-commerce’s tried and true workhorse, drives 27% of mobile conversion. That’s 6% more than desktops and 4% more than tablets. Perhaps because emails can be more easily optimized for mobile devices.

3) Across all devices — mobile, desktop and tablet — just 10% of all shoppers completed purchases on each platform. On the other hand, these specific customers are found to be 20% more valuable throughout the entire consumer-brand relationship.

All in all, keep this little gem of Custora-wisdom in mind as you move forward with mobile conversion: “Smartphone sales tend to happen after the customer already has a desktop relationship with the brand.”

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