We Are Trinity: Meet Chelsey Riewer!

We Are Trinity: Meet Chelsey Riewer!

She’s a proud dog mom and a whiz at coding—meet Chelsey Riewer, one of Trinity’s super talented UX Engineers! 

This front-end developer who supports our UX, Design and Development services in a variety of ways. Chelsey writes A/B tests, builds websites from scratch, and is on top of site maintenance for a number of Trinity’s retainer partners.

Chelsey started as an intern at Trinity in June of 2018, and was hired full time that fall. What was it that attracted her to the opening? “The family values described in the job posting,” She replied. “And, of course, we can’t forget that it is a dog friendly office!” Chelsey started her tenure as a UX Developer, but her exposure to platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and WordPress has grown since our engineering groups merged earlier in the year.

Introduce us to your puppies! 

Okay! Let’s go! This is the youngest child, her name is Willow. This is Allie, she’s the middle child. And this is Peyton, she’s the senior. 

What is your favorite engineering tool?

I really like VS Code, but my life-saver is GIT desktop—the app.

What does your average day as an engineer look like?

My day can vary, day by day. Sometimes, my day will be spent in VWO and then other days, I will be in Shopify or BigCommerce. But most importantly, I get to code.

What’s one of your favorite parts about your job at Trinity?

My favorite part is the family values, and I’m able to grow more every day.

What’s one of your favorite projects you’ve worked on at Trinity?

I think my favorite projects I’ve worked on are the full-page redesigns, because it’s fun to see them come together.

What’s one thing you do in the morning that starts your day off on the right foot?

I really like to go for a run or I like to just do some sort of exercise in the morning because it gets my blood flowing.

Outside of work, Chelsey can be found taking her dogs on walks (“I like to tell them we’re going on an adventure”), playing Sims 4, watching Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube. Most recently, she’s found herself reading a lot more!

Chelsey also shared a sweet anecdote about one particular achievement she’s very proud of:

“During my last semester of college, a colleague and I had to create a game. We decided to make a presidential election game. The gameplay went just like a presidential election does: Whoever ended up with the most electoral votes… became president. The reason why making this game was such an accomplishment for me is because it made me believe in myself. My colleague wasn’t around to help much, so it challenged me to make sure we were on time, and it challenged my coding abilities.”

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