My thoughts from eTail and

Its been a crazy last month. Catching up with old friends and making new ones is always a good time and this year’s first look and Etail West was no exception.

It seems like the new “hot” thing in Ecom these days is flash and flex technology to provide a seamless experience for the shopper in both browsing & ordering. When saying seamless, I am trying to convey that pages are not reloading but rather its just one continuous flow throughout the store experience.

Im not sure however that the mainstream consumer is ready for these types of sites. Humans by nature are creatures of habit and we are hard to break of those habits, especially when we are comfortable. These new tech vendors who are promoting their technologies as the next big thing have to realize that both retailer and vendor adoption will be fairly slow. Retailers are going to be apprehensive in leaving the standard Home – Category – Sub Category – Product Page progression and consumers will need time to truly embrace flash within an eCommerce environment.

Flash can be great to utilize for merchandising at the category level, but having a complete site in flash can be a challenge at the Analytic and SEO level. Finding solutions to these hurdles is something Trinity is looking into right now – stay posted for more info.