Google Wireless

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I admit that I am getting a little sick of writing about Google on this blog but I must say that the latest development out of Mountain View is going to completely change the Internet and search advertising.

For those who dont know, Google has launched a free service called “Google Wireless” within San Diego. Essentially described as a community outreach program, Google is offering free web access to everyone in the city. The catch is that the viewing must be done through a google interface that displays advertising relevant to the user’s path/clickstream.

What Google has done is that they have purchased fiber lines that were liquidated from the dot com bust and have built a network infrastructure that can support millions of users in California. This model is no doubt going to expand to other metropolitan areas as Google continues to buy fiber in an effort to expand this program.

If Google expands this program to other major cities, they are essentially going to be owning the user experience for a significant portion of the Internet. This will not only allow the media giant to gather a wealth of information about you and I that they will utilize in their further R&D but they will also expose every visitor to adwords listings no matter if you are on

An interesting development to say the least. Likely a few years out, but other MSN and Yahoo must understand the ramifications if this program expands.