Case Study

Unclaimed Baggage + Trinity
Long Term Email & SMS Partnership

// 01 About

Unclaimed Baggage

Industry: Retail

Location: Scottsboro, Alabama

About Unclaimed Baggage: Unclaimed Baggage buys domestic airline orphaned bags and gives them a second life by selling, donating, and recycling their contents.

// 02 From Zero to Maturity

Comprehensive Marketing Automation Partnership

Unclaimed Baggage approached Trinity with the goal of growing a brand new Klaviyo program. They would look to Trinity for strategy and implementation of email automations, custom opt-in strategy, and eventually SMS integration.

// 03 Automations Buildout

Core & Advanced Automation Strategy & Implementation

Trinity started by getting Unclaimed Baggage setup with fundamental automations including the Welcome Series and three Abandonment Automations. When those were live, we shifted focus to increase total Customer Lifetime Value and celebrate key milestones to get customers back into continued purchases.

// 04 Multi-Channel List Growth

Custom & Multi-Step Opt-in Strategy

Unclaimed Baggage needed a custom form built in order to integrate with Shopify account setup. As their email program grew they added a Birthday email pop-up as well as an SMS-Only popup to add phone numbers to users who had already submitted an email address.

Account Creation Form
Custom Form Merging Klaviyo with Shopify Accounts

3-Step General List Growth
Email & SMS in 2 Steps

2-Step SMS-Only Form Shown to users who have submitted email but not phone number

Birthday Promotion Popup
Grow List and Increase Loyalty

// 05 SMS

Unclaimed Baggage had explored other standalone SMS tools but ultimately had Trinity integrate SMS into their Klavio email program to have the full customer view and allow for email and SMS behavioral segmentation.

// 06 Program Impact

Automated Personalization to Drive Large Revenue Growth

When Unclaimed Baggage approached Trinity, they had a young email program and were new to Klaviyo. Through their long term partnership with Trinity, they’ve grown a constant stream of new contacts across email and SMS. By leveraging strategic touchpoints and their owned customer data, their automations continue to grow year after year with email and SMS being significant drivers of growth.

Email Automations
  • Welcome Series
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Abandoned Checkout
  • Abandoned Browse
  • VIP Promotion
  • Birthday Email
  • First Purchase Anniversary
  • Customer Winback
  • Cross-sell
  • Wishlist Reminder
  • Sunset
SMS Automations
  • SMS-Only Welcome Series
  • General Welcome Series
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Abandoned Checkout
  • Abandoned Browse
Forms & List Growth
  • Account Creation
  • 3-Step Email, SMS, Account Creation
  • SMS-Only Opt-in
  • Birthday Promotion Opt-In
Orders Attributed to Email in the Last 12 Months
Number of Contacts Generated in the Last 12 Months
0 %
Percent of Revenue from Email in the Last 12 Months

// 07 Platform Support


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