Case Study: Universal Data Hub Creation

Universal data hub drives a 26.9% lift in lead attribution and a 100% increase in email conversions.

Case Study: Universal Data Hub Creation

A leading industry home improvement financing

Industry: Home Improvement Financing

Location: California

Size: 500+ communities nationwide

Trinity Insight created a universal data hub solution to disparate, incomplete data for a client and fully transformed their company in a number of ways.

(*Company name has been omitted to honor our partner’s privacy.)


Incomplete & Inaccurate Data



After creating a universal data hub, Trinity Insight was able to execute a number of advanced marketing tactics.


Lift in Lead Attribution

Granular geo-coding solution has led to a 26.9% increase in lead attribution

Lift in Conversion Rate

By targeting with personalized messaging specific to the stage of the sales funnel; conversion rate of leads increase 70%


Customers that interacted with newly introduced email journeys convert at over twice the rate as those not targeted with journeys

<1% → 25%

Direct Leads

The ratio of direct consumer leads vs contractor referral projects, which have roughly a 50% lower conversion rate, increased to 25%.

3% → 16%

Return Customers

The percentage of property owners who completed a follow up project with remaining funds increased from 3% to 16%.

Analysis & Summary

The universal data hub implementation completely transformed this industry leader in a number of ways. Marketing is now empowered with advanced customer data to allow for hyper-targeted, automated, personalized tactics. Inside sales teams are equipped with detailed customer data and previous campaign interaction that was never-before available. Conversion reporting and marketing performance has been resolved with a single, unified, cross-channel attribution model for both online and offline interaction, providing advanced insights into performance of the business, all while retaining complete control and ownership over data.

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