Case Study: A/B Testing of New Lead Generation Form

Trinity created a global lead generation form to increase submission rate for TIE Industrial.

Case Study: A/B Testing of New Lead Generation Form

TIE Industrial (Fanucworld)

Industry: Industrial
Location: LaVergne, TN


Form Creation

The Trinity UX team created a global lead generation form to increase form submissions and reduce page redirects for TIE Industrial customers interested in requesting a quote. The fullscreen form was created with a “Start a Quick Quote” call to action throughout the site. After clicking on the CTA, users were directed to a pop up with a form to submit information. Trinity designed the form and Trinity engineers created and deployed the test.

Control Website
Variation Website


5 %
increase in form submission

Analysis & Summary

Better Efficiency for User
This test removed the need for a user to load an entirely new page by presenting a modal in whatever step of the funnel the user was already in. 


Visual Web Optimizer (VWO)
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About TIE Industrial

As a leading provider of parts and repairs for CNC industrial automation systems for the major brands, TIE Industrial’s goal is to deliver machine uptime for clients and provide a 1-stop shop for all of their industrial automation needs.

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