Case Study: SureFit is the nation’s most trusted provider of easily-installed furniture covers, slipcovers and decorative accessories. Our longstanding position as the premier producer of ready-made furniture slipcovers and accessories is based on our extensive experience providing cost-effective decorative solutions, made to fit, in a broad range of styles to meet the needs of the widest range of purchasers.


In an effort to improve clarity on the category and search pages, we hypothesized that by modifying the filtering presentation and functionality within the mobile experience we could help customers find the products they were looking for more effectively.

How we accomplished this​

Our UX team implemented an A/B test with the testing platform VWO (Visual Website Optimizer) to determine which presentation of the category/search pages would perform with a 95% or higher statistical significance. To try and affect clarity, we added a ‘Sort By’ section as well as a ‘Narrow By’ section that opens up the filtering options. Within this pop up, we also displayed the selected filters in order to allow the user to remove any selected filters.

Analysis & Summary

The results concluded that customers that interacted with the filters in the variation proceeded to a product offer at a significantly higher rate. During the life of this test, the added functionality in the Variation gave users more clarity into what filtering options they have selected and the ability to remove them as needed helping them find the products they were looking for.



Trinity Insight and Sure Fit have partnered over the last 5 years, helping us better understand our customers and improve their experience on our site. Their group of dedicated analysts, designers, and engineers have been agile and responsive to our team’s needs, and have always been willing to ‘go the extra mile’ for us. We value our relationship as an extension of our team and look forward to continuing growing our business together.

Brian Barth

Sure Fit | eCommerce Strategist

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